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Full-Cycle Development Process

Our extensive experience over a decade of working with clients across various industries allows us to manage all stages of implementation, regardless of the challenge or project size.

  • You tell us your requirements and our dedicated team goes deep into your business process and specific needs 

  • If there is a match between your requested software and our proprietary customizable platforms, we move on to define the project scope, timeline and hosting preference 

  • Our cross-functional team builds a concept and prototype of your custom software solution based on Margasoft highly customizable platforms 

  • Using agile product development mythology, our development team creates and delivers iteration after iteration featuring the most important business concerns

  • We assemble a support team who keeps testing the software after each iteration, ensuring high-quality and viable software 

  • You pay only after when we deliver all your requirements 

  • The quality of our work is not measured only by the final software but by the ongoing support and maintenance a dedicated team will provide. For that, we assemble the following team of experts 

  • Account manager, who is your primary contact in all things at Margasoft

  • A support person who is responsible for quality assurance and testing all the new and existing features to make sure that your key workflows are working  

  • IT dedicated person who is responsible for cloud hosting and compliance 

  • Software tech lead who does all the custom software integrations, feature developments   

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