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Margasoft Takes a Charity Drive to Local School February 23, 2018

Margasoft organized a charity trip to visit Dashtavan schoolkids on February 23rd.

7 Key Advantages of Custom Software December 25, 2017

In today’s competitive world, being unique and original will make your company stand out in the crowd and get ahead in the game.

Understanding the Cloud Migration Roadmap December 20, 2017

Cloud Migration is a vital step toward digital innovation. It enables organizations to reduce capital expenditure and operational costs.

Margasoft Sponsors Health Fundraiser December 13, 2017

This September, Margasoft sponsored the “Hungry for Health”, fundraiser that took place in Ojai, California.

5 Advantages of Business Process Automation January 20, 2017

The word ‘automation’ may invoke fear in some, imagining robots, self-driving cars, and machines able to replace us in the workplace, eventually assigning us to the unemployment line. But that’s not what business process automation is about.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions January 5, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence exhibited by machines as opposed to natural intelligence (NI) displayed by humans.

Automation as an Imperative for Market Research to Survive Competition February 17, 2015

In today’s consumer climate with the unlimited access to online information, market research is an essential revenue driver for every company.

People at the Core of Business Process Improvement: For and Against October 15, 2014

Should we be putting people at the core of business process improvement?

The Need for Business Process Automation September 15, 2014

Is business process automation software the true key to automated and more efficient businesses?

Software to Transform the Legal Industry May 17, 2014

The legal industry is changing in a mode that no one would expect: the change recently became accelerated, and it won’t take long before we witness a completely new transformation.

Why an Agile Approach? April 15, 2014

With the world of Information Technology developing at such speed, each IT company defines its methodology of work. We at Margasoft stick to the agile methodology.

Automate Your Business February 15, 2014

As a small company, I am sure you receive hundreds of emails a day. They’re all related to different topics, some are just scam messages, and some need to be prioritized.