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People at the Core of Business Process Improvement: For and Against

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Should we be putting people at the core of business process improvement?

It is no longer a secret that the complexity of business processes can be a hindrance for the individual efficiency of each end every employee. The more complex your business processes are, the more difficult it becomes to achieve good results in business. We all know the solution in this century of IT development- call it business process management, business process improvement or business process automation- the core principle is to make the business more efficient.

Businesses are becoming kind of predictive in the manner they all do what seems to be the only logical thing to do- turn to software that will make their processes more efficient. Part of them succeed and boost their productivity. For others, the investment proves to be a failure. Why? What business processes do part of the companies fail to take into account? There are several ones we believe have a huge impact on the success of any improvement. It may be surprising to many of you, but they are all related to people. Yes- give the software a second row, today we gonna speak about the individual efficiency that needs to be taken into account before you even decide to start picking software for your company. So what does your business need? We offer two initial criteria consider.

Collaboration and data centralization

Business processes are enhanced by collaboration - collaboration of people. So you’re looking for your new corporate software, and it seems to be enhancing your business processes. However, there are two more questions you have to ask yourself:

  • Does this software enhance collaboration among the people who work with it?

  • Is this software sufficient to meet the individual needs of each and every employee? In other words, is it customizable?

Having worked with these principles for almost as long as they became viral, we learnt that you can't go wrong if you stick to them which keep up the initial essence and build on agile principles that benefit your team, your customers and yourself.

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