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Margasoft Takes a Charity Drive to Local School

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Margasoft organized a charity trip to visit Dashtavan schoolkids on February 23rd.

We all love presents regardless of age. And giving them can be just as rewarding as receiving. So on a warm Friday afternoon, just before the end of the school day, we loaded up our bus with gifts provided by Margasoft staff and hit the road.

Nothing beats seeing joy in children’s eyes. Some kids were taking their time unwrapping their gifts, prolonging the fun of not knowing what was inside. Others tore into them without wasting a second.

Once all gifts were open, music and games followed. Most of the children are from low-income families and we really wanted to please them. We had an entertainer with us who got the ball rolling. Everybody had a great time, laughing and enjoying themselves. We left the school with a sense of accomplishment, hoping that the children will follow suit and pay it forward as they enter adulthood by becoming productive members of society and being kind and generous to everyone they meet.

Margasoft has participated in numerous charities over the years. We donate gifts to children from low-income families every Christmas and try to make a difference in our community by expanding surroundings with green areas to benefit the environment. Last September we sponsored a fundraiser to discuss health-related issues that we face and ways to overcome them.

Whether bringing smiles to children’s faces or taking care of Mother Nature, Margasoft is committed to being a positive influence on others and leading by example.

More pictures on Margasoft Facebook page.

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