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Margasoft Sponsors Health Fundraiser

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

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This September, Margasoft sponsored “Hungry for Health”, a fundraiser that took place in Ojai, California.

Margasoft was proud to be a part of such an event because healthcare issues and healthy lifestyles are important societal issues we care about. We share these values with Proactive Health Labs – the non-profit organizer of the fundraiser.

Margasoft believes our community needs events like these since good health is the key to staying happy and productive at home and in the workplace. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and educating others on how to achieve a healthier future is essential as we strive towards making our society better.

The two-day event featured actor/comedian Cedric ‘The Entertainer’ and celebrity chef Kai Chase.

The guests socialized over a nice dinner and wine pairing, discussing many of the health-related challenges we face every day and how to manage them. One of the big issues addressed is how we can all "eat to live" by figuring out our nutritional needs and addressing them appropriately.

The fundraiser was a huge success with proceeds raised going toward helping Proactive Health Labs continue to create awareness about the significance of a healthy lifestyle.

Margasoft has been involved in many charities. Every Christmas we donate gifts to children from low-income families. We plant trees to help our environment and make our neighborhoods greener. We hope that our efforts have a positive impact and set a good example for others to follow in search of a brighter and healthier tomorrow.

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