Legacy Systems

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As companies merge with one another the need to maintain or upgrade legacy systems and software programs has become more evolving.

Did you ask yourself which will be more cost and time effective: to maintain your legacy systems or to migrate from it? Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the complexities of business processes and technologies supporting daily operations and will consult you to find the most optimal solution.

Our Services Include:

Maintenance and Support

We will handle your legacy system maintenance with minimal, if any, disruptions to your business. We understand that these legacy systems and programs must integrate with the new ones in addition to retaining the data and processes they were initially designed for. Therefore, our legacy maintenance support is flexible and bespoke specifically for the requirements of the end goal or the program itself. Our legacy system maintenance and support services include:

  • Improvement services
  • Adaptation services
  • Enhancement services

Our team will assist you to overcome industry challenges by facilitating your innovation advantage through both: rapid software development and the reuse of modernized legacy systems. Our legacy system re-engineering service includes:

  • Legacy system core rewrites, re-architecting
  • Legacy system sustaining - defect fixing, patching
  • Adaptation of other vendors' or new components to the system
  • Providing a Web interface to the system
  • Project recovery

If you think that your business process suffers because of some upgrades, we will help you implement data migration service in your working process. You can take advantage of tools for modernization such as XML-based web services, middleware technology and portal frameworks that enable them to increase the life of operating systems from the early eighties such as VMS, AS/400 and Unix also convert DOS into HTML5.

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