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New System

Building a custom software from the scratch is not straightforward as you have no benchmark. It is especially challenging when you don't have an initial item to compare. We use our experience and validate each stage in the development process to make sure we move in the right direction.

Exclusive Needs

Starting new projects or creating new devices often results in needing a solution which does not exist. This usually occurs when your project is connected to the hardware or embedded systems. We find industry-specific experts to build a solution fitting all your unique requirements.

Technology Upgrade

Systems become outdated over time (usually in 5-7 years). The maintenance costs grow as it becomes increasingly difficult to find an expert on old technologies. At some point, you do consider technology upgrade to cut the costs of future maintenance. Margasoft experts reverse engineer the old system before creating a comprehensive and phased replacement plan.

Security-Critical Services

Access to classified data is the highest demand nowadays. The more confidential your data is the more lucrative it is for hackers. The more expensive and wanted the data is, the stronger security you’ll need.
Our architects use a layered approach in system designs to ensure the data is released only to authorized parties.

Your Customization

Do you need to automate your workflow? Are you looking for a specific data entry, monitoring or reporting system that fits your exact needs?
We are here to learn and advise the best of services that would perfectly fulfill all your requirements.

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Engagement Models


Prevent staff management headache and price variations. This model is good for you if you know exactly what you want and if you have a fixed budget and delivery deadlines. With the Project-Based model, everything is well-documented and agreed on beforehand. Due to our phase-based approach, we capture your needs in ongoing demos and incorporate them in implementations. The cost is fixed and the goal is set before starting the job. We take minimum upfront costs.

Time and

Only a few businesses have a clear understanding of the product they need at the very beginning. This model is flexible, so even if the majority of the requirements are changed there is no harm done to your processes. Time and Material approach let you move step by step and share your new ideas. Our working process is very strict with regular report-providing during which we also provide direct access to the resources. You are free to switch access priorities without hurting your budget.


Need to extend your team quickly? If you are working on a massive project with a tight deadline, it's critically important to have the right number of the right people on hand to get things done. However, finding the perfect talent is the most significant challenge. We add value to Staff Augmentation service by exposing the needed team quickly and by giving them a motivating, safe and secure work environment with redundant internet and power access, free lunch and gym membership. We organize training for the employees and track their processes by making reports. This model helps you manage your time efficiently by expanding work in more time zones.


Designed by Margasoft this service is offered only by us. Hybrid engagement model combines the advantages of all the three above models. This combination perfectly suits any kind and size of business.


1. Fixed Budget for Small Projects: You will have the chance to split your big project into smaller ones and negotiate the price of each small project separately.

2. Dynamic Priorities: The process of changing the priorities is comfortable and not painful, which is a result of applying our unique method of small iterative deliveries.

3. Transparency: You are free to contact everyone working on your project and ask questions to define your requests better or get feedback from them. Margasoft experts participate in discussions to improve the requirements from the beginning and to give their unique and professional ideas for finding what you need.

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Superior Quality

Being specialized in different types of testing services allows us to practice QA automation whenever it makes sense for the project; hence results are delivered faster.

Low Risk

The Agile methodology allows us to handle changing requirements efficiently and effectively collaborate to avoid risking your business.


UI prototyping and user flows help creating meaningful user experiences. Our UX experts make sure your solution is intuitive and easy-to-navigate both on desktop and mobile.

Diverse Talent

Our talent pool of experts works on their professional growth and let us invest in their education and certification by industry leaders.

At Margasoft we build solutions to your specific business problems. We’ve got an unbeaten track record of more than a decade and the trust of the world’s biggest Companies.

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